August 27, 2012

The Kilimanarjo Poster Board

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With 16 days to go, I am getting nervous and excited about my trek.  A friend has loaned me hiking poles that have trekked several mountains.  It will be comforting to think about their many journeys while they support me on mine. 

On Thursday we hung a board near our waiting room at work that invites people to answer our question: “What’s your Kilimanjaro?”  While it’s early still, we seem to have some interesting results.  People have told us that this is a challenging exercise. 

The Kilimanjaro Board


It seems that while we all face challenges in our lives, we are not always clear on what it is we are facing or attempting to face and putting it in writing can make our Kilimanjaro more real or concrete.  Also, tacking it up on the board makes it public (whether you write your name on it or not).  Being able to name our Kilimanjaros can be helpful in moving us towards succeeding in meeting our challenges and reaching our dreams and goals.  I want to invite you to tell us what your Kilimanjaro is either by posting on our message board at 312 Parkdale Ave. or posting on our Facebook page wall.  Your Kilimanjaro does not have to be positive.  Sometimes stigma can make us feel like we need to be positive while our Kilimanjaro may be something deeply painful like grief, arthritis or fear of heights.  Whatever your Kilimanjaro is, we want to hear about it. 

By making a contribution to Mark’s campaign you can help a member of your community conquer their Kilimanjaro. Donations can be made on site or by mail at 312 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, K1Y 4X5 or online through Paypal by using your Paypal account or Credit Card. Donations of $20 or more are eligible for a tax receipt.



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