September 12, 2012

Day One – Kilimanjaro

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Many people have asked me what my experience of Africa has been since it’s my first trip to Africa.  One of the things that I have noticed is that things change unexpectedly and often.  The day before we left for the hike we had no power for long periods of time and it was uncertain whether we would be able to use the internet.  We packed and cooked our dinner by candle light and we were unsure about whether we would be able to have one last hot shower. 

We made it to the start of the hike and then after a late start we got some bad news.  Our lead guide Augostine received news that his younger brother had died unexpectedly and he had to leave before we started our hike.  We were all quite sad about that and continued sadly on with our hike. 

We’ve had lots of interesting experiences.  On the first day we saw quite a few monkeys, we saw blue monkeys and black and white colobus monkeys with big fluffy white tales which were really neat to see. 

I’m feeling great and everything seems to be going well and I will try to do a post to let you know about my team.

While I was hiking, my steps felt very small on a long journey and I was thinking a lot about the people that we work with at Family Services Ottawa and the enormous challenges that they are undertaking.  Whether it’s domestic violence in terms of wanting to leave a violent relationship or people who are trying to recover from bad things in their past or people who are trying to change patterns in their life these things can seem enormous to them like this mountain seems to me.  I feel like I’m traveling with all of you and that is giving me a lot of comfort in my travels.

Things are going wonderfully here.  That’s the end of my day one.


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