September 16, 2012

Early Day Five – Kilimanjaro

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I am at Barranco Camp and it’s really it’s been kind of frustrating to not be able to have contact but I was able to look at Facebook this morning and saw some great messages from people. Thank you very much. It’s really inspiring to hear that people are talking about their Killmanjaros and I really appreciate the messages from people who believe in me. Everything is going really well. The biggest challenge right now is altitude. I do have shortness of breath and some mild headaches and that’s normal. It’s certainly much harder than I even imagined and I’m really glad that I got in as good shape as I did because it is a really challenging hike. It’s really beautiful and amazing and it’s very life changing. I’m trying to do a video everyday of what I’m thinking about and what’s going on so that when I come back I can do a presentation so that people can see what my experience has been in lieu of the fact that I haven’t had a good signal. I am heading on to Karanga tomorrow and the summit we will be in just two days from now. I should be at the summit at about 11pm Ottawa time. I believe there is a connection there and if I can I will send a photo. I look forward to being in touch again soon.



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