February 18, 2013

Are you up to the Family Day Challenge?

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familydayFamily Day can be more than an extra day off work in February.  Consider using 20 minutes of the day to take the Family Day Challenge.  

As a family service agency, Family Services Ottawa is thrilled that in 2008 our province declared the third Monday in February as a time to celebrate families. 

We have been working with and supporting families, in all of their diverse forms, for almost 100 years.  Since we opened our doors in 1914, the face of families in Ottawa has certainly changed and we are proud of the diverse range of families we are able to serve, including families formed by choice, LGBTTQ headed families, single parent families, families formed by adoption, blended families, two parent families, families without children, and culturally diverse families. 

 It is important to celebrate and nurture family at the same time that we recognize that families are far from perfect.  We know the beauty of a strong and loving family.  We also know that family can be a source of pain and sadness.  

 The Family Day Challenge asks you to spend 20 minutes, device-free, (e.g. no computer, no smart phone, no hand held…) thinking about your family as it is today. That is it; just follow your thoughts.  Your thinking may lead to an action, or it may not; either way you have succeeded at the Challenge by giving yourself the 20 minutes to reflect on your family. 

Let us know how your Family Day Challenge goes. 

Happy Family Day 2013!



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