We’re open.

We offer counselling and support services to anybody in Ottawa who needs it. No matter what it is that you’re dealing with, we’re here to listen. We offer a safe space, and will help you work through whatever is troubling you.

Our programs are run by counsellors who are highly skilled and trained in each of our service areas. Family services staff and clients who have already benefited from our services are also involved in making our programs as helpful and successful as they are. We’re here. We’re available and we’re open.

Client focused, community focused.

Everything we do at family services is focused on helping our clients. Whether it’s an abusive relationship, coping with stress and anxiety, or adjusting to a divorce or separation, we have programs that can help. By helping the individuals who live in it, we help our community. There is nothing more satisfying than that.

What we do.

A great way to understand what we do is to look at our annual reports. They will give you an understanding of the clients we’ve helped and how we helped them. They will also provide an overview of our services and programs as well as how we run them efficiently and cost effectively.

Annual Report 2020/2021

FSO 2019-2020 Champlain Local Health Integration Network Multi Service Accountability Agreement

Let our experience do the talking.

We believe that everyone in our community should have accessible and excellent professional services. As evidence of our belief, you will find our staff are all professionally trained counsellors who have obtained a master’s degree in social work, counselling, or psychology.

Our Vision

A community where families and individuals are strong and resilient, and have the supports they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

We provide services and programs that help make lasting improvements in people’s lives.

Our Mandate

To achieve this we:

Our Values

Family Services à la famille Ottawa commits to working in ways that demonstrate:

Humanity – We respect and show compassion for our clients, staff and volunteers.

Diversity – We are inclusive and responsive to a diverse cross-section of the population.

Accessibility – We make special efforts to ensure access to services for people who face societal barriers.

Effectiveness – We are innovative and use our resources well.

Relevance – We pro-actively identify client/community concerns and address emerging issues.

Collaboration – We work together with our clients, our colleagues and our community.

Accountability – We strive towards continual evaluation and improvement of our work, and maintain ethical standards.

Social Justice – We advocate healthy, safe and just environments free from violence, neglect and prejudice.



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