Employees F.A.Q.


If my employer is paying for this service, won’t you need to give the information about the services I used when you bill them?

Only collective statistical data on employee groups is released to your employer. These statistical reports tell your employer the types of service used during the billing period, and the amount of service provided. Family Services does not include the names of employees who have used the EAP or any identifying information about individual cases.

Can seeing a counsellor, or something that I say during a counselling session be used by my employer as a reason to fire me?

Your employer cannot use the EAP as a means of collecting information to support your dismissal. Employers do not have access to client files and they cannot find out what you discussed with your counsellor. In fact, employers cannot even find out that you used the EAP without written permission.

Can my employer force me to see a counsellor?

Participation in the EAP is always voluntary. Your employer, a co-worker or family member may suggest that you see a counsellor, but it is always your choice.

Can Family Services assure me that my co-workers will not find out that I’m seeing a counsellor?

Family Services’ confidentiality practices include measures to ensure that the people you work with don’t find out that you have used the EAP. These practices include:

Will my spouse be able to find out that I’ve called the EAP or that I’m seeing a counsellor?

No information, including that you have accessed the service is released to anyone, including your spouse, without your permission except in cases where there is a risk of harm to self or others or if information is court ordered.

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