Self-Assessment: Depression

Depression is not the same as sadness or feeling down.  Most times when we are feeling “depressed”, there is a reasonable explanation – something has gone wrong in our life, such as we lost our job, we broke up with our girlfriend, or we have recently lost a loved one.  These are unavoidable facts of life, and they hurt.  The way we feel at these times is a normal reaction to what has happened, and although these painful emotions are similar to depression, depression is bigger than just a depressed mood.  A mood will go away with time, especially if there is a change in our circumstances.  Depression can last for years and interfere with success at home, work and in everyday life.

So how do we know if we are dealing with depression or just a depressed mood?

Although this is not an exhaustive list, if a number of the following feelings persist or get worse, you might be depressed:

What now?

While you may feel right now as if things are hopeless and nothing will help, just talking to your family doctor or EAP counselor about your feelings is a giant first step towards recovery.

There are things you can do that will help you feel better, such as

A counsellor can help you work on which of these is likely best for you. There is no reason for anyone with depression to continue to suffer.

Read more on self-help for depression from Changeways Clinic

Contact EAP to speak with a counsellor. – FSEAP counsellors are trained in the Changeways “Depression Mapping” approach to depression.



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