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Investing in Employees through EAP

Employers want to have an attractive benefits package, both to recruit employees and to retain employees. A good, well balanced benefits plan can set the message that the organization recognizes its most valuable resource: its people.

An EAP program is much more than a token gesture of good will towards employees; it is a sound strategic business decision that can assist a company to maximize productivity and reduce costs. The EAP business has evolved at the same time as issues of emotional and mental health are becoming more acknowledged.

A dedicated, committed EAP can create a “win-win” environment and work towards:

A good EAP benefit plan will have at its core professional, experienced and accessible counseling, as well as specialized services.

Early and timely intervention by a highly experienced counsellor can make a tremendous difference in the overall well being of an individual, couple or family. Problems left unresolved can have a significant impact on that employee and affect both their health and productivity. Poor performance or personal turmoil can significantly impact the workplace and fellow employees.

Our Philosophy of Ability Management

Our mission at FSEAP is to align our expertise and experience in working with thousands of individuals, couples and families to pinpoint the factors that inhibit optimal living and health, noting trends and emerging issues. Our “Ability Management” approach allows us to offer advice, support and training that provides attention to these issues ahead of the curve; before they are chronic, inhibit productivity or impact the health of employees.

While a healthy workplace can positively impact the overall health of its employees, the health of an employee will certainly impact the overall health and functioning of the workplace.  Organizations that have had EAP benefits for an extended period of time have demonstrated a savings based on reduced absenteeism and improved productivity. General Motors, a long time proponent of EAP, estimated that they save $37 million per year by having timely support for their employees. A 1990 U.S. Department of Labour study estimated that for every dollar invested in EAP, employers generally save $5 to $16. This is a healthy return.

FSEAP Program Management works closely with the employer to deal with workplace issues such as conflict, team work and communication barriers. Our roots, what makes us unique, is that we excel in creating an array of programs and services that can improve your employees’ health, outlook and well being.  This offers a chance of realistic change, as beneficial choices for employees spirals into progressive advantages for the company.

We are committed to ensuring the best qualified counsellor or consultant is available for face to face support for a wide array of issues, as well as augmenting core counseling with specialized programs and services provided by experts in these fields.

Return on Investment

When looking at the quantitative benefits of considering an EAP plan one has to measure the cost of not having a mechanism to address personal problems and their impact on work productivity.

We use data that is reliable, citing 20% of the work force on any given day is impacted negatively by a personal issue. This is reported by both Statistics Canada and the Global Business and Economic Round Table on Addictions and Mental Health.

As well, we look at productivity loss per troubled employee, and again, Statistics Canada reports 37% decline in productivity. Certainly, there is plenty of qualitative data and first hand accounts of employees being absent or, as defined by Linda Duxbury, Carleton University Business Professor, struggling with “presenteeism”, where the employee is at work but not doing much of anything.  In our assessment, we take a conservative perspective and look at a 20% decline in productivity.

Let’s look at the numbers, using the following parameters:

1) Number of employees = 1,450

2) Average annual wage including benefits = $30,000

3) Number of employees experiencing difficulties = 15% * 1,450 = 217 employees

4) Wages of troubled employees = $ 6,510,000

5) Cost of reduced productivity is 20% loss = .20 * $6,510,000 = $1,302,000

Costs with EAP

1) Number of troubled employees who contact EAP = 7% or 101 accesses

2) Number of employees who contact and find some resolution to issue = Family Services successfully manages over 90-95% of all situations without need of a referral = 101 * 92.5% = 94

3) Cost savings as employees get back to full productivity = 101 * $30,000 * 20% = $ 606,000

4) Cost of EAP (assume $3.50 per employee per month) = $ 60,900

Cost of reduced productivity when the employer has an EAP = $1,302,000 + $60,900 – $606,000 = $756,900

Savings with an EAP plan = $1,302,000 – $756,900 = $545,100

Therefore, return on investment is 9:1 or for every one dollar spent you can save $9 with reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

Measurable Outcomes

FSEAP has statistically tracked employee use of our services for decades, and we have  firm grasp of the type of problems that are affecting employees, and the necessity of offering our services, based on actual client usage data.  We now also track quantitative clinical outcome measurements, which allow us to determine objectively and reliably what our clinical success is with employees, as well as the overall efficacy of our EAP program.  We can thereby assure you of the quality of our services.

Workplace Health Solutions

We support your workplace health by offering the following services:

For further information on courses and workshops offered in your area, please see Regional descriptions of training options offered and accompanying pricing models. We can assist in developing a workshop to fit your unique needs, and we work with the trainer, who is a staff member, to ensure a high level of quality.

Critical Incident Support

We provide a full range of support to assist you when a traumatic event occurs, such as the death of an employee, an accident, a violent or threatening incident, or sudden downsizing or restructuring.  Employees will struggle with various reactions, some of which manifest days or months afterwards.  Our experience in providing C.I. Support tells us that without timely intervention, work-place morale and productivity can be jeopardized.

We will provide on site counselling within 24 hours if necessary and remain available to provide any follow-up necessary in the days or weeks ahead. We will also assist organizations to plan for their responses to such unexpected events. Our management consultation includes assisting and training managers to manage a crisis.

Management and Supervisory Support

Our purpose at FSEAP is to develop a partnership with your organization. We want to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with your EAP benefit, and we work with you pro-actively to deal with other emerging wellness and organizational health issues.

Our Program managers have extensive EAP experience, as well as both management and clinical experience. We have successfully managed a diverse organizational portfolio and developed many innovative responses to workplace issues.

Our managers will:

Our purpose is to make this benefit work for you, to save you time and to ultimately strengthen your work place.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of an Employee Assistance Program for your organization will depend on

We welcome your inquiry into the cost of an EAP program with Family Services.  Please contact the Regional office closest to your work site.

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