Confidentiality Policy

All notes, records and communications created by Family Services à la famille Ottawa during a client’s involvement are kept secure and confidential and can be shared only with your written consent.  The agency keeps a record of all appointments/visits.  Information may be shared within Family Services à la famille Ottawa for case management, quality assurance and eligibility purposes.  Any information about a client is kept within the agency in strictest confidence.

There are a few exceptions to confidentiality when the law requires that our records be disclosed under strict conditions.  In the following situations the law requires that reports be made and/or information released:

Clients may request in writing to review their file.  They will be able to review it in the presence of their counsellor, or designate; should any information be inaccurate in the case file, corrections can be added to the file.  Cases where more than one client is seen (ie: couple, family counselling) require consent from all parties in order to release information.

Children 12 and over are considered capable of having decision making authority for release of information.  Children under 12 require consent from a parent/guardian to release information.

A fee is charged for copies of any records.  This process is also applied for copies requested by lawyers acting on behalf of a client.


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