Privacy Policy

Family Services à la famille Ottawa (FSFO)adheres strictly to the current legislation governing personal privacy (Personal Health Information Protection Act).

The information the we collect is used to:

All clinical files and data are the sole property of FSFO and are stored in a secure location or on a secure server. Any questions or concerns can be addressed directly to the Privacy Officer, who is the Executive Director.

Confidentiality Policy

All notes, records and communications created by Family Services à la famille Ottawa (FSFO) during your involvement as a client are kept secure and confidential and can be shared only with your written consent. The agency keeps a record of all appointments/visits. Information my be shared within FSFO for case management, quality assurance and eligibility purposes. Any information about a client is kept within the agency in strictest confidence.

There are a few exceptions to confidentiality when the law requires that our records be disclosed under strict conditions. In the following situations the law requires that reports be made and/or information released:

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