About Us

We Believe in the Ability of All People and Families to Rise

For over 100 years, Family Services Ottawa has offered counselling and support services to families, parents, and children. Whether it’s relationship issues, coping with stress and anxiety, or adjusting to a divorce or separation, we have programs to help. By helping individuals and families grow stronger, we are helping our community to do the same.

We Help Families and Community Members Grow Stronger

Whether it is mild to acute mental health challenges or a chronic mental health issue, Family Services Ottawa helps many people every day. We see people walk through our doors in distress. We witness the pain they are experiencing through their mental health challenges. We also see their successes, their triumphs and feel their gratitude.

We help our clients build resilience and develop skills to help tackle the personal and relationship challenges they are facing. We offer over 33 different counselling, workshops and support groups which are run by counsellors who are highly skilled and trained in each of our service areas.

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To strengthen our communities by supporting the mental and emotional well-being of people and families.