FSEAP for Employers

You make the investment in your employees.
FSEAP helps deliver a high return.

For more than 40 years, FSEAP has been helping employees balance their work and personal lives, build knowledge and skills to deal with challenges, and resolve problems that can negatively impact their ability to maintain focus and productivity at work. Today, over 400 customer organizations trust FSEAP to provide an exceptionally high quality of care for their employees and their eligible dependents. They count on FSEAP to provide workplace services that enhance employee engagement, resilience, and optimize work performance.

Benefits of FSEAP to Your Organization

EAP Services for Employees & Families

Personal counselling and work/life services for building solutions, working through challenging issues and moving toward wellness

Workplace Education & Training

Develop knowledge and skill to build capacity and prevent problems

Workplace Management Consultations and Workplace Support

Enhance leadership capacity to address challenging employee and workplace situations

Critical Incident Response & Trauma Support

Help employees return to functioning in life/work following traumatic events

On-Site Clinical Support & Conflict Resolution

Support employees and teams to manage conflicts and organizational change – to bring harmony back to the workplace

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