Helping Individuals, Families and Our Community Grow Stronger

For over 100 years, Family Services Ottawa has offered counselling and support services to families, parents, and children. We understand that life can present various challenges, whether it’s navigating relationship issues, managing stress and anxiety, or adapting to the complexities of divorce. That’s why we offer a diverse range of programs and workshops designed to address these unique needs and empower individuals and families to thrive.

We offer in-person services at our Ottawa office: 312 Parkdale Ave.
Some of our programs are also offered virtually.


Our Fees

Established in 1914, FSO’s Counselling and Support Programs bring together highly trained Mental Health Counsellors who provide a wide-range of evidence-informed services to clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Our services are accessible, and we offer a sliding fee scale to ensure they are affordable for all members of our community. We also offer free workshops and support groups.

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