FSO Statement on Protests

FSO Statement on Protests

As a local service provider of mental health, wellness and family programs, Family Services Ottawa (FSO) is committed to the building equitable, safe, and inclusive spaces.

We support the right to freedom of speech and peaceful protest. At the same time, we strongly condemn the racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic acts and symbols of hate witnessed and significant disruptions that occurred over the last 11 days and will likely continue to see this week in Ottawa.

We have witnessed the impact on the people and families we serve, as well as the FSO staff working to support our community members, we have seen the stress and anxiety increase across our community and the increasing fear regarding the ability to move freely and safely about our communities.

We stand in support of our community partners who are serving the vulnerable and marginalized in the downtown core.

There is nothing normal about this extended disruption and noise. If you or anyone you know is struggling or feeling overwhelmed with the impact of what you are witnessing or experiencing, please call Family Services Ottawa or reach out to www.counsellingconnect.org or www.walkincounselling.com to access  mental health services in your community.