Family Counselling

Our Approach

The goal of family counselling is to help families work through problems in a healthy way. The counsellor’s role is to help family members share and listen to each other with the goal of positive change. This may involve examining family roles, expectations, past hurts and harmful behaviours. 

The family counsellor helps people understand the impact of their words and behaviours on other members of the family. The hope is for family members to better understand and support one another while working to resolve problems in a safe space.

Benefits of Participation

  • Improved Communication

    Tips and skills to express your feelings and talk about what you need

  • Problem solving

    Work together as a team to make positive changes

  • Healthy ways to handle conflict

    Learn how to disagree without hurting each other

  • Deal with past hurts

    Safe space to explore feelings and possibilities for the future

  • Improve parenting

    Communicate more effectively and learn skills to deal with parenting challenges

  • Supporting children through difficulties

    Including separation, family health challenges, loss and trauma

  • “FSO has provided me with tools that are helping me live the life I wanted to live. I am now able to manage my  anxiety so that I can  be present with my family and no longer miss out on the precious moments that I was too often missing out on because of exhaustion.”

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