Individual Counselling

Our approach

Sometimes life’s challenges can leave us feeling stuck or overwhelmed. You may want things to be different, but you are not sure how to make changes happen. Counselling may help you better understand your situation and regain control of your life. 

A counsellor can help you cope with challenges such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship challenges, parenting problems, grief, and loss.

Counselling can focus on learning new skills and new ways of resolving problems. Even a small amount of counselling can relieve distress and help you get unstuck. 

Benefits of Counselling

  • Focus on your strengths

    Build on what you already know while learning new skills

  • Learn self compassion

    Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, we work from a place of compassion

  • Managing difficult emotions

    Learn how to handle intense feelings

  • Improve Relationships

    Learn respectful communication and skills to express your feelings

  • Healthy boundaries

    Learn how to assert your needs and look after yourself

  • Making Difficult Decisions

    Connect with your values and what is really important to you when facing life’s challenges

  • “I have gone from surviving to thriving”

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