Parenting Through High Conflict Separation and Divorce

Our Approach

Separation and divorce is stressful and impacts the whole family.   

This six-week course is for parents of children of all ages who are experiencing a high conflict separation or divorce.  With the guidance and knowledge of a qualified facilitator, parents will explore concrete ways to deal with high stress situations between themselves and the co-parent, how parent conflict affects children and how to minimize your child’s exposure to conflict.

There is telephone registration to ensure co-parents are not registered in the same course and can experience a safe place to share and receive support.

Benefits of participation

  • Improved communication skills

    Learn effective communication skills and how to set healthy boundaries

  • Support strategies for your child

    Learn positive approaches to parenting that support your child’s emotional health and the parent/child relationship

  • Manage strong emotions

    Learn non-reactive behaviours with the co-parent and your children

  • Identifying triggers

    Learn how to improve your self talk and use flexible thinking skills

  • Practical Support and Guidance

    Freedom to discuss concerns and have open conversations without judgement

  • Understanding Conflict and its impact

    Learn how to manage conflict while protecting your child and yourself in the process of separation or divorce

  • Upcoming Course Dates

          In-Person: Tuesday, April 23rd – May 28th, 2024

    Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm

    Cost: $350 (limited subsidies available)

    Where: Family Services Ottawa, 312 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa

    This program will run again in the fall, please check back at a later date to view our next offering.

    “I had a voice, my concerns and thoughts were heard without judgement.  Others’ stories and thoughts were enlightening.”