Quick Response Counselling (QRC)


This program requires a referral. It is offered to people experiencing mental health challenges or situational crises who have been referred for brief counselling following one or more visits to the Emergency Department at The Ottawa Hospital, or from the Familiar Faces program at the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

The Quick Response Counselling (QRC) program offers 2-6 sessions of counselling which focus on building resiliency and practical coping skills from a strength-based model. 

Benefits of Participation

  • Safety planning and resources

    Knowing when and how to ask for support can prevent mental health crises and help you keep yourself safe

  • Collaborative goal setting

    Work with your counsellor to set a direction for counselling that fits with your values and priorities

  • Focus on strengths

    Build on what you already know while learning new skills

  • Managing difficult emotions

    Learn how to handle intense feelings 

  • Identify triggers

    Understand and reduce the power of emotional triggers 

  • Continuous intake process

    This allows for quick access to professional mental health support

  • How to participate

    This program is offered in partnership with the Ottawa Hospital and the Familiar Faces program of the Canadian Mental Health Association. Service is offered to participants referred from these partners only.

    You will be contacted by a client care team member to arrange your first appointment.