Supervised Access Program


The supervised access program provides a safe, neutral, and child-focused setting for children to visit with their parent or relative. All visits and exchanges take place under the supervision of trained staff and visit monitors.

Supervised Access Program guiding values


    We put children first, by attending to their needs with with care and respect. Our goal is to facilitate a visit that is a positive and supportive experience for the children.


    We are a neutral third-party service provider. We provide equal information to all parties and do not make recommendations on access arrangements.

  • SAFE

    Our priority is your child’s safety and comfort during access time. Visits are fully supervised by trained staff and visit monitors. Arrival times are staggered, ensuring no contact between parents/guardians, and preventing child exposure to conflict.


    A 1-hour supervised visit can be scheduled for either Saturday or Sunday every second weekend. Exchange times are also available on Saturdays and Sundays. Please contact the Program Coordinator for available exchange times.


    The Supervised Access Program will be closed each year during the following dates:
    2 weeks during March (school break)
    2 weeks during winter holidays
    2 weeks mid-summer vacation


    Supervised visits & exchanges are offered on a sliding fee scale of $7 to $15 per party, per visit/exchange. Fee reductions may be requested at the time of intake.


    The current wait time for supervised visits is approximately 3-6 months from the date that both parties’ applications are received. Applicants on the wait list will be offered an intake interview in the order in which they applied. The current wait time for supervised exchanges is approximately 3 – 5 weeks from the date that both parties’ applications are received. Please contact the Program Coordinator for further information.

  • Application Instructions

    Note: For Firefox and Chrome users, please download the form prior to completing it.  The form cannot be completed electronically in these browsers.

    Each parent/guardian must complete and submit a separate application form. All applications must be accompanied by a court order, endorsement, or signed mutual agreement, naming the Supervised Access Program. Applications will not be processed unless accompanied by the necessary documentation.

    You may submit the application form and documentation using the following methods:

    • Complete the application form and attach the documentation electronically
    • Email the completed application form and documentation to sap@familyservicesottawa.org
    • Mail the completed application form and documentation to Family Services à la famille Ottawa, 312 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4X5

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