Beyond the Baby Blues

About the Program

This 8-week program aims to support participants by providing information on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. The group is led by two facilitators and works to build on and develop coping skills which can improve Perinatal Depression and/or Anxiety such as mindfulness, assertive communication, and cognitive behavioral therapy based tools.

This program is open to people who are expecting, have given birth, or have adopted and who are noting the signs and symptoms of depression or anxiety, rooted in the transition to parenthood. Participation is by self-referral.

This program includes an information session for people who are supporting participants. The session aims to provide support and strategies to help the participants and their family through the challenges of Perinatal Depression and/or Anxiety.

Upcoming Course Dates

Registration is now open. Please complete the registration form below to begin the intake process for the next upcoming group.

You can also reach us at 613-725-3601 ext 106 for more information.


Benefits of participation

  • Open and safe space

    Learn and practice tools for coping and recovery from postpartum depression or anxiety

  • Connect with other parents

    Early parenthood can feel isolating, a group format allows you to feel seen, and share with others facing the same challenges

  • Build better relationships

    Learn and practice healthy communication skills and explore how parenting impacts identity and the family

  • Partner or support person information session

    Discuss the signs and symptoms of Postpartum Depression/Anxiety and explore the impact on self and family

  • Learn about attachment and nurturing the parent/child relationship

    Explore the messages that influence parenting and ways to respond that supports healthy attachment and child development

  • Recapture Joy

    Develop skills to relax and increase positive thoughts while decreasing negative feelings

  • “Hearing from others experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety helped me from not feeling alone.  The tools to cope with anxiety, relationship issues and the partner session was very helpful to understand it differently”

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