Parenting Programs

Our Approach

Parenting is about teaching…but it is about learning too! 

Nothing can fully prepare you for parenthood, but we are here to support you along the way. Parenting comes with a wide variety of challenges covering many different topics, and our team of skilled parent educators are here to help you navigate these challenges. They will work to supply you with practical tools and knowledge to help you parent confidently, and be the best parent you can be. Plus, you’ll meet other parents who are going through the same things as you are – you’re not alone!

We know these unprecedented times have been hard for parents and kids and we are committed to the continued support of families. We are dedicated to developing programs to address the changing needs and challenges of parents during this time. All scheduled parenting programs are being offered by our team of caring facilitators via video conference. 

Family Services Ottawa offers the following parenting programs

  • Parent Coaching

    The caring parent educators at Family Services Ottawa offer individual coaching via telephone and video conferencing.

  • Beyond the Baby Blues

    This 8 week group is for anyone who is experiencing perinatal depression and/or anxiety.

  • Parenting through high conflict Separation and Divorce

    This 6 week course is for parents of children of all ages who are experiencing a high conflict separation or divorce.

  • Parenting for Connection

    Learn more about child behaviour and development and the ways to strengthen the parent/child relationship.

  • Anger Management…especially for parents

    This 6 week course will explore triggers and strategies that will help manage anger and the stressors of parenthood.

  • Positive Discipline

    This 5 week course allows parents to share their challenges, share helpful information and learn effective parenting strategies.

  • Parenting with Confidence

    This course explores the challenges and opportunities of parenting children who are between the ages of 6 and 16 years old. For families involved with CAS.

  • Just for Dads

    This group offers dads a safe space to learn from one another and get parenting information.

  • Connecting with your teens

    This 2 hour workshop offers an informative and interactive exploration of the challenges and opportunities parents with teenagers face.

  • Effective Parenting through positive discipline

    This interactive 2 hour workshop will provide a safe space to share and join other parents and caregivers in learning ways to promote a secure attachment and a healthy relationship with your child.

  • Parenting Your Anxious Child

    This three week course is for parents of children ages 4-14 years old. With the guidance and knowledge of a qualified parent educator, come and meet with other parents to understand anxiety